• 2022
    수출의 탑 수상

    Award a Export Tower (Korea International Trade Association)

  • 2021
    경기도 윤리경영기업 국회의원 표창

    Selected as an ethical management company in Gyeonggi-do in 2021 (member of the Anyang City National Assembly)

  • 2019
    기술평가 우수기업 인증

    Certification excellent company in technology evaluation

  • 2018
    (주)하이디스플레이 사업장 확장 이전
    UHD 4K Multivision Board 개발

    Moved to head office expansion

    Developed 4K Multivision Board

  • 2016

    삼성전자 1차 협력업체 등록

    기업부설연구소 인정

    일본 아웃도어용 AD BOARD 수출

    2016 경기도여성고용우수기업 선정(경기도지사)

    Registered as 1st partner company of Samsung Electronics

    Recognized as an affiliated research institute

    Exported to Japan (Convenience store outdoor advertising)

    Appointed as Excellent Employment Company for Women in Gyeonggi Province in 2016 (Governor of Gyeonggi Province)

  • 2015

    기술연구소 설립 인정((사)한국산업기술진흥협회)

    ISO 9001:2008 인증획득 / ISO 14001:2004 인증획득

    기술혁신형 중소기업(INNO-BIZ) 등록

    Establishment of Technology Research Institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association)

    Obtained ISO 9001: 2008 certification / Obtained ISO 14001: 2004 certification

    Registered as INNO-BIZ

  • 2014

    벤처기업 확인(기술보증기금)

    Confirmation of Venture Business(Technology Guarantee Fund)

  • 2013

    UHD 4K Display Board 개발

    산학협력 전문대학(LINC) 육성사업 협약 / 대림대 가족회사 협정

    (주)하이디스플레이 법인 전환

    Developed UHD 4K Display Board

    Agreement to Promote University-Industry Collaboration (LINC) / Agreed to Daelim Family Company

    Converted to HIDISPLAY Co., Ltd.

  • 2012

    3D DTV Board 개발 완료

    DMP Media Board 개발 완료

    Completed development of 3D DTV board

    Completed developed DMP Media Board

  • 2011

    FRC 120Hz Board 개발 완료

    HDMI AD Board 개발 완료

    Completed development of FRC 120Hz board

    Developed HDMI AD Board

  • 2009

    하이디스플레이 설립

    Established HIDISPLAY